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" I tapped with Linda for 3 sessions over Zoom, which worked really well. She was caring and considerate, and very thorough with figuring out exactly what aspect of my skin was really bothering me. It led to us clearing the negative emotions from a really major memory that had been bothering me behind the scenes since I was 5 years old! She also gave me some good tips for self-care between sessions" (Ann, mid-50s, Australia) 

"You have found your way to an amazing woman and fantastic coach!  Linda Gaylord possesses knowledge, skill and credentials well beyond many

coaches in the field and has turned that into a system that works.  She has the compassion, conviction and heart to show you how to step up into

more personal power and success.  I highly recommend Linda!"

Margaret M. Lynch, Success Coach, EFT Expert


"I felt Linda's warmth and caring immediately; I have been tapping for 4 years and with Linda's careful and intuitive Guidance, I was able to have a huge shift in My Heart Chakra.  My chest felt the lightest it has felt in years and a beautiful peaceful feeling filled my body"  Thank you so much.

-- Beverly A. Stickley BSc., CAc., RP-CRa

  Certified Acupuncturist

  Registered Reiki Practitioner

  Energy Coach 

"I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching experience with Ms. Gaylord and looked forward to each session. Within the first two sessions, I had my random thoughts, feelings, and expectations focused and was able to make life-changing decisions that I was sub-consciously struggling with. Who knows if I ever would have reached them without coaching. I would highly recommend Ms. Gaylord."

 ---Diane McCabe, Director,
Women's Peacepower Foundation, Inc